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Advantages and Application of New Generation Automatic Six-position Linear Bag Feeder

Date:2018-10-23      Hits:2286
In accordance with the requirements of the vast number of new and old customers, Guangzhou Henger Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. has made continuous technological breakthroughs, and finally developed a new generation of fully automatic six-position horizontal bag-closing robot with high cost-effective and practical volume, which is the first in the industry. (1) What are the differences between this machine and the existing bag feeders on the market? Firstly, it is compact in size, occupies less land, is less than one meter (0.9 meters) in height, and is only about 1.5 meters in length, so it is easy to move. The existing horizontal feeder on the market is more than twice or three times its size. It is bulky, bulky, covers a large area and is inconvenient to move. Secondly, the structure of the machine is simplified and the degree of integration is high. Excellent performance, low failure rate, strong practicability. Price advantage is obvious. However, due to the limitation of its own structure, the fully automatic horizontal bag feeding machine on the market has high cost and high selling price. Third, the most remarkable advantage of this machine is that it can complete large size material feeding bags. The maximum width of the feeding bags can reach 40 centimeters and the length of the bags can reach 75 centimeters. However, other types of feeding bags on the market, such as rotary disc feeding bags, parallel feeding bags and horizontal feeding bags, can not complete such a large size of feeding bags. (2) The application advantages of the new generation automatic straight-line feeding bag packaging machine are as follows: firstly, the machine can complete powder, granules, liquids, solids or other materials needed for the bag products, and also can complete bag-in-bag operation, i.e. multiple small bags are packed into large bags. Secondly, the machine can be directly connected with semi-automatic powder machine or semi-automatic granulator. It is small and can be directly placed under the semi-automatic packaging machine. With semi-automatic quantitative packaging machine, it can automatically complete bagging, filling, sealing and coding processes. The bagging and sealing workers were liberated from the tedious work. Thus realizing packaging automation. It can also directly cooperate with the combination weigher to complete the automatic bagging of granular materials such as laundry powder, peanuts, jujube, wolfberry, grains, sugar, potato chips, candy and so on. Or the powder mixing head can realize the automatic bag-feeding packaging of powder materials, such as flour, milk powder, seasoning, pearl milk tea, pesticides, etc. It can also be equipped with liquid filling machine to realize automatic bag-feeding measurement packaging of liquid materials, such as laundry liquid, hand washing liquid, tomato paste, fruit juice, milk, etc. The new generation of automatic six-position linear bag-feeding developed and produced by Guangzhou Henger Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. Type packaging machine has officially entered the market. It is the first one in the industry. It is the exclusive production of Guangzhou Henger Electric Power Company. It has applied for national patent and must be investigated for counterfeiting. Service Telephone: 400 000 9716
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