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Guangzhou Henger Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd. cooperates with Hunan Xingcheng Graphite Technology Co., Ltd.

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Hunan Xingcheng Graphite Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Jinzhou New Area, Changsha, which is the national high-tech industrialization base of energy-saving and environmental protection new materials. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production of lithium battery anode materials. The registered capital of the company is 60 million yuan. It is a modern enterprise with clear ownership and standardized governance, which is invested by Beijing Dangsheng Science and Technology (stock code 300073), Shenzhen Innovation Investment Group and original entrepreneur shareholders. The company covers an area of 35,000 square meters and has beautiful modern factory buildings, R&D, office and dormitory area of 25,000 square meters. The factory is built in accordance with international standards and is known as the "demonstration industrial base" of Jinzhou New Area.

The company mainly focuses on the application of lithium-ion battery anode materials. It covers the fields of personal consumption lithium batteries such as aluminium shell, cylinder and soft package. It is a battery material supplier for electric buses such as Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and Shenzhen Universiade. It has a high reputation and influence in the industry.

The company has set up a research and development team led by professors and professors of Hunan University's College of Materials. The research and development laboratory is now 1700. It has the most advanced domestic research equipment for physical performance testing of negative materials, semi-batteries, full-batteries and other electrochemical performance testing, and equipped with crushing, grading, sintering, coating and other test production lines. In addition, the R&D center of the company has established cooperative relations with Hunan University, Zhongnan University, Changsha University of Technology and other universities, and has established an internship base for the research of new carbon materials with Hunan University. The company has successfully applied for "National Torch Plan Industrialization Demonstration Project", "Hunan High-tech Enterprises", "Technology Innovation Fund for Small and Medium-sized Technological Enterprises", "Changsha Science and Technology Innovation Fund" and other projects, with 11 patents and proprietary technologies.

The company has established strict quality control system and perfect project development process, which can quickly meet market demand in the fierce market competition. It is the strong backing of Xingcheng Graphite as an innovative high-tech enterprise. In the next three years, Xingcheng Graphite will focus on the negative industry chain with a firm and pragmatic attitude, enter the capital market and become a respectable and internationally competitive modern enterprise.
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